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Absenta Xenta Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Have you ever heard about the “The Green Lady” beverages, if yes than you will be well aware of Absenta Xenta. This name originates from its effect to its drinker, termed as Laa Fee Verte (The Green Lady) originates from love “affair” many drinkers have with it. You know its charisma is its pour. It was banned for few years because of its mental effects which were exaggerated after Absenta Xenta drinking and accursed for craziness, inactivity and even murder, so Green lady became Green Curse.

You should well aware of its alcohol content before drinking Absenta Xenta; alcohol content is so high in it that is up to 89% so it should not be drunk in large amounts. The Vodka Absenta Xenta is prepared in the Italian Alps from the plant Artemisia Absinthium, Absenta name is taken from this plant name. It is aniseed flavoured drink, derived from flowers and leaves of that plant, green anise and sweet fennel. It is green cloured drink naturally but it can be colorless.

Absenta Xenta Vodka is once again available in many countries. It is diluted in water before drinking to minimize its hallucinating effects. Absenta Xenta is a passion of poets, artists and writers. Like any great spirit there are many formal tales about it. It is traditionally produced to use in absinthe and vermouth.

Absenta Xenta Vodka price is pretty expensive-. The rich and harmonious flavor of Absenta Xenta with wonderful blend of herbs as well as stylish and elegant design of bottle made it premium Absenta Xenta Vodka. Its green colour and its secret recipe confirm the tale of “Green Fairy” or “The Green Lady”.

It was originated from Switzerland, the Land of dreams and beauty; it is very famous drink in France, Europe, Belgium and Switzerland.

Absenta Xenta Vodka Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Absenta Xenta Vodka 700ml Rs. 5838.00


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