Absinthe Hapsburg BLACK Vodka Price

Absinthe Hapsburg BLACK Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Absinthe, once banned across the world, is making a comeback! This spirit was originally produced as a medicine in the 1800s, and the hallucinogenic properties scared the world into banning it. Well, this mysterious distilled spirit is back. The alcohol that was used as inspiration to many of the greats is now available again for you to try! How is it made? Absinthe is a distilled spirit which is infused with wormwood and other natural plants; some bitter and some sweet. Absinthe is best known as a green liquid but, it can also be bottled clear. The popular absinthe maker, Hapsburg, found an even more mysterious color! This alcohol is black as the name suggests and very strong with a rate of 79% alcohol. Absinthe Hapsburg Black also has the highest allowed content of thujone (the chemical that gives the hallucinogenic affects from the wormwood plant) according to the laws of the European Union. Hapsburg is located in the great country of Italy. With the bottle’s sleek design, and classy but mysterious damsel on the label, it’s sure to intrigue men and women alike. The liquor inside is very strong and is not recommended to be drank neat. It’s best diluted; either the traditional way with water and a sugar cube or with a fruit juice to make it more of a cocktail. Feel free to try any recipe on Hapsburg’s website or make your own! Absinthe Hapsburg BLACK Vodka price for such a strong, beautiful liquor is very reasonable. This makes for a cost efficient product and a staple product for anywhere; home bar, local bar, or city club. Many reviews rave about Absinthe Hapsburg Black! It’s known as a great way to unwind after a hard day’s work and a fantastic gift for any event. Absinthe Hapsburg Black is the best of all makes and brands! Absinthe Hapsburg BLACK Vodka Price – Cost – Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Absinthe Hapsburg BLACK Vodka 500ml Rs. 6395.00


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