Absinthe Teichenne Black Price

Absinthe Teichenne Black Price – Rate – Cost – Review

Absinthe Teichenne Black! What would the name suggest you? Definitely you would guess that this elegant, stylish variety of liquor comes from Spain. Since you know the whereabouts of this renowned guest, give it a warm welcome. ‘Is it a Black kind of liquor?’ You ask. And your quizzical smile hints at something. Don’t doubt its great flavor and feeling. It’s not BLACK as you think. You may like it even stronger than the other drinks. The richness and quality is oozing out from the bottle itself. The strange shape of the varieties of bottles that Absinthe Teichenne Black whisky comes in tells us of a different story of its uniqueness. Not only in Spain, but it’s popular throughout the Europe as an enchanter of all the five senses. So, don’t hesitate to taste this finest quality liquor that gives a long lasting feeling to almost everyone.

Don’t you like to taste Absinthe Teichenne Black in a cocktail? You must mix it with something else whenever you have it, because its alcohol percentage is quite high. So, take a cocktail mixer and fill it with chilled water, sugar cubes and a fruit juice as you wish, shake it well, pour it into a cocktail glass and have a sip. How’s the taste? I know, you’ll become an addict of it. There are many cocktail recipes in the web. So, you can select at your own sweet will. Then comes the price matters! But, don’t worry. Absinthe Teichenne Black price is considerably low and affordable. The great taste would force you buy one whatever the price it is. Drink it with your clan and give them a chance to explore the depths of excitement.

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Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Absinthe Teichenne Black  500ML Rs. 5900.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi

Absinthe Teichenne Black 500ML Rs. 4200.00

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