Absolut Vanilla Vodka Price

Absolut Vanilla Vodka Price – Cost – Review

The Absolute family has big variety of alcohol drinks. One of such drinks, at which is worth to pay attention is Absolute Vanilla Vodka – the new beverage with thin aroma.

Absolut Vanilla Vodka is the best type of vodka for cocktails. But it has special taste in the purest form too. Vodka has a smooth, soft taste with expressive notes of vanilla. Light, pleasant sweetness aroma turns into a long aftertaste.

The official website suggests great recipes from this alcohol. The most popular and tasty is Vanilla Espresso Martini. The gentle espresso note makes it really unique. All delicious drinks were made exactly from this kind of tipple.

The city where it is made is Ahus, Sweden – the Motherland for every kind of Absolut Vodka.

Absolut Vanilla Vodka price is average when compared with all types of Absolut Family.

Let’s make a little review of the vodka’s technology.

The vodka was launched in 2003 and immediately established itself as vanilla beverage with toffee aroma and a hint of dark chocolate in one sip.

Vanilla is the only one herb that is adored in all over the world. So the creator was not wrong by making betting on it.

There is only one question: how the creator of fiery drink achieved so refined taste? The secret of the drink is in the continuous distillation and a special grade of winter wheat. The wheat should stay about year in the ground before it will be appeared in delicious alcoholic beverage.

One more thing that attracts an eye is the bottle design. It is the reminiscent of the antique apothecary bottle with white and gray letters.

The vanilla vodka is the brightest representative in the Absolut Family. It is the soul of every fun party – because the perfection is in the details.

Absolut Vanilla Vodka  Price - Cost - Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi – Dwarka – New Delhi – South Delhi

Absolut Raspberry Vodka 750ml Rs. 1950.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Kota

Absolut Raspberry Vodka 750ml Rs. 2097.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Absolut Raspberry Vodka 750ml Rs. 3100.00


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