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Advantages of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The first major advantage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that it’s simply a good-tasting scotch. Of course, taste is a personal thing, and some of you may well prefer to drink your scotch out of a brown bottle with a white label and three X’s on it. But most people would agree that the intriguing mix of flavors in Johnnie Walker Blue Label make it a pleasure to drink.

Another advantage of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is that it is a prestigious drink, and simply having it around sometimes makes a statement to your guests. Johnnie Walker Blue is generally perceived to be top shelf, the best of the best, and if that matters to you or your friends, cheers! For that reason, it also makes a wonderful gift – who doesn’t like to receive an expensive and prestigious gift?

On the subject of prestige, there is something to be said for having a classic brand. Johnnie Walker, whether blue, black, red, or gold, is one of the more popular brands of scotch available and it has a certain authenticity to it. Nobody will ever consider you to be a “poser” with a glass of Johnnie Walker in your hand.

To some people, scotch is scotch, and they can toss it back anywhere in any way. For those who appreciate some of the finer points of drinking good scotch, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a great scotch to drink neat for special occasions.

Advantages of Johnnie Walker Blue Label

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