American Beer Brands

The top American Beer Brands are listed as following
Brewer: Red Lodge Ales
Location: Red Lodge, Montana, USA
If you have got frosty thirst, then drink Glacier Ale.
This German amber ale has well unprejudiced hop and malt flavors. It is available on draught and in bottles.”
Alcohol : 5.2%Coeur d?Ale
Brewer: Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company
Location: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA
This amber-colored brew gets a step away from the mass of amber beers by a tasty balance between the sweetness of malt and the nature of the hops.
Alcohol : 5%

Brewer: Molson Coors Brewing Company
Location: Golden, Colorado, USA
Prepared only once a year for the holidays, Winterfest is a handcrafted brew that has received Coors much recognition and has turn into the nation’s longest-running seasonal brew, rejoicing its 20th anniversary in 2005. Coors offers Winterfest nationwide in limited amounts and packages in the holiday period.
Alcohol: 5.6%
Calories: 190
Carbohydrates: 16

Brewer:Bozeman Brewing Company
Location:Bozeman, Montana, USA
Bozone Select is the flagship presenting from Bozeman Brewing Company. A light amber ale that has a average malt body lightly balanced by a clue of hops for a fresh, refreshing finish. Dry hopped with Cascade hops for a pleasing aroma. It is prepared with Pale, Crystal & Vienna malts.
Alcohol : 5.5%

Lang Creek Tri- Motor Amber Ale
Brewer: Lang Creek Brewery
Location: Marion, Montana, USA
Tri-Motor Amber is full bodied, affluent tasting amber ale. Tri-Motor is charming blend of pale, crystal, carastan and chocolate malts fair with Centennial, Cascade and Willamette hops. This amber has a smooth head with a nutty malt quality and abundance of mouth feel.
Alcohol : 5.2%

Mendocino Red Tail Ale
Brewer: Mendocino Brewing Company
Location: Ukiah, California, USA
It is the flagship product of the Mendocino Brewing Company. Red Tail Ale is amber ale brewed in traditional Old World way using best two-row malted barley, hops, own extraordinary proprietary yeast strain and clean water.
Mendocino Red Tail Ale
Red Tail Ale’s recipe calls for openhanded amounts of Pale and Caramel malt balanced by entire Cascade and Cluster hops, this tends it the considerable, full-bodied amber ale that has more than the years become THE LEGEND. Red Tail Ale was first initiated on August 14th 1983, at the opening of the Mendocino Brewing Company’s Hopland Brewery – the first brewpub in California since exclusion.
Alcohol : 6%

Great Lakes Honey Ale
Brewer: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Strong pale ale brewed with raw honey for power and intricacy. A considerable amount of hops make this a beer by a dry finish.
Alcohol : 7.5%

Henry Weinhards Amber Light
Brewer:Miller Brewing Company (SAB Miller)
Location:Hood River, Oregon, USA
Alcohol : 4.2%
Carbohydrates: 11
Calories: 135

Abita Turbodog
Brewer: Abita Brewing Company
Location: Abita Springs, Louisiana, USA
Abita Turbodog is prepared with a blend of pale, crystal, and chocolate malt. Wilamette hops supply a floral finish to counteract the ale’s syrupiness.
Alcohol : 6.1%

Boscos Kung Fu
Brewer: Boscos Brewpub
Locality : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
The real mania that kicks
Alcohol : 5%

Great Divide Bee Sting Honey Ale
Great Divide Bee Sting Honey Ale
Brewer:Great Divide Brewing Company
Location:Denver, Colorado, USA
Bee Sting is crowded with revelation. From initial glance, its translucent fair color gives it the look of brittle golden ale. That it is, but its composite, small citrus odor gives off the first clue as to Bee Sting?s factual character. Addition of Rocky Mountain orange-blossom honey in the brew kettle gives Bee Sting a slight hint of honey taste that highlights its golden ale base. Bee Sting is astonishingly robust in mouth feel, harmonized with a submissive citrus note and a crusty, clean finish.
Alcohol: 5.9%

Grays Black and Tan
Brewer:Goose Island Beer Company
Location:Janesville, Wisconsin, USA
A traditional mix of English Pale Ale and Bitter Stout, brewed discretely but, fermented collectively for amazing softness and sole savor. The Black and Tan is full bodied ale liberally hopped. The classic brewing method adds to the rich color and creamy head of this old world ale.
Alcohol : 6%

Dominion Real Ale
Brewer: Old Dominion Brewing Company
Location: Ashburn, Virginia, USA
Dominion Real Ale
Dominion Real Ale is made and served greatly as real ale is at present handled in England. Conditioning in the cask, serving with a beer engine, adding of perfumed hops to the keg and the lack of carbonation are genuine uniqueness of ales that have been consumed for hundreds of years in England.Dominion Real Ale is two particular things at the same time. It is made differently than other beers and the publican serves the beer during a unique mechanism. The outcome is a beer that is very smooth, creamy and delectable.
Alcohol : 6.5%

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