Amrut Silver Cup Brandy Price

Amrut Silver Cup Brandy Price – Cost – Review

Amrut Silver Cup Brandy: A taste of history

Amrut Silver Cup Brandy price is very attractive given the deep history and high quality of this drink. It is one of India’s oldest brandies. It is distilled from quality grapes from around Bangalore, and is aged in oak casks.

The bottle design is nice but nothing special: a cylinder with a white top and a white label. The drink has a soft amber colour. The taste’s warm and smooth. Silver Cup Brandy is manufactured by Amrut Distilleries. In fact, it was the first brand by the famous Indian company. The brand was launched in Karnataka in the 1940s.Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t have much of information about the product. It would be interesting to see how they market it nowadays.

Where it comes to health issues, we understand that this brandy doesn’t have any artificial flavours and is made of only natural ingredients.

It has received good reviews, and chances are that you’ll be able to find it in your city.

You can drink it as it is, or in a cocktail. Some like it with honey and crushed ice. The standard is the Metropolitan recipe.

Have you ever dreamed of living in France? Of having nothing particular to do, enjoying your life on Montmartre? Every sip of Silver Cup Brandy is making this dream more real.

One day, you will realise that it won’t cost you too much to travel to Paris. You can make it!

And only those already living in Paris know that it is impossible to substitute Amrut’s drinks with anything, as they combine what is best in Europe with what is best in India.

To conclude this review, we would rate Amrut Silver Cup Brandy as an excellent choice worthy of a true drinks connoisseur.

Amrut Silver Cup Brandy Price - Cost - Review

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