Amstel Light Beer Price

Amstel Light Beer Price – Cost – Review

People have learned to get pleasure from almost everything that surrounds us. Beer is no exception to the endless list of our little pleasures for an affordable price. On our website, we offer your attention to Amstel Light Beer. The reason behind why you should choose Amstel Light Beer, you will find out in our short review.

The brand Amstel has started its production in 1870, when in Amsterdam on the Mauritskade street was opened a brewery by its two founders Jonkheer C. A. De PesterJ. H. Van Marwijk Kooy. Soon the brewery has become the largest in the city, and nowadays Amstel Light Beer is known all over the world.

When we try beer for the first time, we start from its aroma. Amstel Light is a beer with nice aroma with a bouquet of floral noble hops. A soft flavour of sweet Pilsner malt character also shines through.

Amstel Light Beer pours with a pale straw colour with quickly disappear to an ultra-thin lacing white head. It has nice crisp refreshing flavour, which will give you strength and energy after the very first sip.

It is not recommended to mix beer with anything, even with the other beer that might have another volume. Moreover, beer is not suitable for the combination in different cocktail recipes. Beer is a drink of specific character and purity. By mixing it with other components, we relieve its own unique features.

It also should be remembered that beer tastes the best when it is chilled. The optimum temperature for beer is plus 6-8 degrees. Anyway, it should not be above 10 degrees and below 5 degrees.

Amstel Light Beer is a drink for not a very high cost but of very high quality. Allow yourself to loosen up with a refreshing drink for a reasonable rate. Grab your bottle from your nearest bars or liquor stores and enjoy the drink.

Amstel Light Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Amstel Light Beer 330 ml Rs. 299.00

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