Signature whisky

Arise of Signature whisky

The product from the United Spirits Ltd (USL) is made up with imported Scotch malts and some Indian spirits. It is formed by the Master Blender Caroline Martin launched in 1994. The marketing of Signature whisky is done on the basis of elite sports like Derby, Tennis, Polo and Golf.

Signature comes in two variants: Signature Premier Grain Whisky & Signature Rare Aged whisky.

Signature Premier Grain Whisky is much smoothened drink with the taste of vanilla with some hints of roasted nuts and bit of spicy taste.

Signature Rare Aged Whisky is quite distinct than Premier grain whisky, it is matured Oakwood casks and made up with some Indian malts and some whiskies of Highland & Islay regions. Price would be pretty cheaper than that of Signature Premier Grain Whisky.

Signature whisky


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