Asahi Beer Price - Cost - Review

Asahi Beer Price – Cost – Review

Would you like to feel the warmth of a fine brand of beer widely-tasted in the world? If you would, pick up Asahi Japanese Beer, the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan. This Japanese rice lager is so famous among the people that it has become a best-seller. And it’s available all around the year. So, one can easily get it. So, don’t miss the chance of tasting it. This fine kind of beer is a product of Asahi Breweries in Japan. See how its clear, natural straw colour  gleams in the pale light of your favourite bar! It may tempt you to take a sip of it. Don’t resist the taste. The alcohol amount of Asahi Beer is 5%. It’s not a very high amount. So, you won’t have an adverse after feel the next day. What is it made of? It is made of lower levels of malt to give such a fine feeling to you. If you enjoy the thin, white, long lasting head, you’ll never forget it. You can make a fine cocktail out of this superb brand, Asahi Beer. Either fruit juice or tonic water will be fine to mix with Asahi Beer. It will add a lot of vigour to the existing crisp, spicy finish. Enjoy it on the rocks. The well chilled cans of Asahi Beer will not let you down. The beer fans often rate Asahi beer high. You should see how they speak of Asahi Beer appreciatively.” You will never refuse a glass of Asahi Beer. It’s so enchanting.” And also, some others have rated it as a kind of beer that gives a divine feeling and a long lasting warmth. Whoever would say “No” to such a delightful comfort? So, let’s seek the comfort of a glass of Asahi Beer this night and be obsessed with this fine feeling.

Asahi Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore


  Asahi Japan Beer (330ml)   Rs .285


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi – New Delhi – Dwarka – South Delhi

  Asahi Japan Beer (330ml)   Rs .220

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