Asahi Japan Super Dry Beer

Asahi Japan Super Dry Beer

Asahi Japan Super Dry Beer which is completely fermented, leaving no left over sugar is not a Japanese innovation; in Germany, fully fermented lagers have been manufactured and marketed as safer for diabetics.But Asahi?s Super Dry puts marketable features on the style, and it?s the brewery?s flagship brand to this day.
Asahi Japan Super Dry Beer
Taste and aromas: Asahi struck the tasters as watery and devoid of taste.There?s slight hop or malt nature, leading one appetizer to think that this was a low-fat light beer.When adding up a lot of hops would rapidly offend the balance, a little would go an extended way to assembling this more pleasant.Country: Japan
Family: Pale Lager
Style: Japanese Lager
ABV: 4.9%

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