Australian beer

Australian beer – Beer arrived in Australia at the starting of British colonisation. In 2004, Australia was positioned fourth worldwide in per capita beer consumption, at about 110 litres per year, although significantly lower in terms of whole per capita alcohol consumption. The most popular beer style in current day Australia is lager.Fosters-BeerDuff-BeerThe oldest brewery still in process is the Cascade Brewery, recognized in Tasmania in 1824. The major Australian-owned brewery is the family-owned Coopers, as the additional two major breweries, Foster’s and Lion Nathan are owned by the British-South African SABMiller and the Japanese Kirin Brewing Company respectively. Foster’s Lager is prepared typically for export or under license in other countries, mainly the UK.

Beer was still being consumed on board 2 years later on in 1770 when Cook was the first European to find out the east coast of Australia.Even though beer is now the most admired alcoholic drink in Australia, this was not constantly the case. The drink of option for the first settlers and convicts was rum.

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