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Bacardi Big Apple Rum Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Big Apple Rum is big with flavour of crunchy, mouth-watering apples. A barrelful of the finest, juciest apples including Fuji, Golden luscious and Granny Smith varieties are combined with premium BACARDI rum to form a intrepid taste with real bite.  It gives you the amazing sweetness taste of the green apple. The most favourite amongst many people. Bacardi is well-known for its standardness and firm taste of the rum. About the Bacardi Big Apple Rum Price –  This rum doesnt cost much expensive, it is reliably cheper like other white rums, but you are paying for the perfect drink wihout any mistake. It is avaialable in any of the city bar and restaurants
Apple & GINGER ALE recipe Ingredients: 2 parts BACARDI Apple 4 parts Ginger Ale Cubed ice 1 fine wheel slice of apple to garnishInstructions: 1. Fill up a glass by ice. 2. Pour in the BACARDI Apple and ginger ale. 3. Mix well. 4. Decorate with a fine wheel piece of apple.Bacardi Big Apple Rum Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi  – Dwarka– New Delhi – South Delhi

Bacardi Big Apple Rum 750ml Rs. 550.00
Bacardi Big Apple Rum 375ml Rs. 275.00
Bacardi Big Apple Rum 180ml Rs. 140.00

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