Bacardi Breezer apple

Bacardi Breezer Apple Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Breezer Apple Price – Bacardi Breezer was launched in UK in 1993 and has rapid become one of the most well-liked Alcopops drinks of all time.Bacardi Breezer Apple is a blend of bacardi rum fruit juices, exotic flavourings and sparkling mineral water mixed with refreshing apple taste.

Bacardi Breezer apple recipe
3 oz Big Apple Bacardi Rum
3 tablespoons Pineapple
3 tablespoons Coconut Milk
Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker or stirrer and dispense into a bizarrely shaped glass. Add Crushed Ice and garnish to create a great Bacardi drink from an easy to make recipe.

Bacardi Breezer Apple Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

330ml Rs. 100.00

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