Bacardi Gold Rum

Bacardi Gold Rum Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Gold Rum Price – Bacardi Gold Rum is amber in colour, mellow and smooth, with impressions of vanilla and a stability of walnuts, spices and tropical fruits on a delicate background of oak. It is a mix of light distilled rum spirit that has been allowed to rest for up to two years in carefully selected, charred oak barrels.The longer ageing process allows BACARDI Gold to develop a smooth taste and a pleasing amber color.BACARDI Gold is filtered only once, before ageing but not after, resulting in a product with a fuller body and subtle, woody flavor.The taste is mellow and slightly aromatic with a balance of walnuts, spices and tropical fruits on a slight background of oak. The finish is woody and soft.Bacardi Rum is made in Puerto Rico.Bacardi Gold Rum Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

750ml Rs. 1240.00
180ml Rs. 300.00
60ml Rs. 99.00

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi

180ml Rs. 155.00
375ml Rs. 305.00
60ml Rs. 55.00
750ml Rs. 610.00

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Price in different locations in India

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