Bacardi Oakheart Rum Price

Bacardi Oakheart Rum Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Oakheart Rum Price – Bacardi Oakheart Rum is directly from the heart of charred oak barrels for a clue of smokiness.Bacardi Oakheart is an accolade to the legendary and modern day voyager. It honors their center essence.A fierce devotion, stout-heart and resolute tenacity, these eternal quantities, backed by more a century of Bacardi custom, are reflected in the robust taste of Oakheart.
Tasting Notes: A smooth spiced rum by a hint of smokiness that set up to any challenge.
Nose: Rich and oaky with intimation of smoke and background annotations of dried fruit frequently associated with whiskey.
Taste:A strong flavour that stands up to any challenge with a one-two punch of maple and honey followed by vanilla and caramel.
Finish:Slightly sweet and piquant with a perceptible rum kick.
Class :Rum
Group:Spiced Rum
Manufacturer: Bacardi
Rum Style:Spiced
Country of Origin:CubaBacardi Oakheart Rum Price - Cost - Review

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