Bacardi Orange Rum Price - Cost - Review

Bacardi Orange Rum Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Orange Rum price is a fair reflection of the drink purpose, as well as of the brand history. It is worth trying at least once, in a cocktail, to get the fun feeling of a hot Caribbean night.

This flavoured rum is manufactured in Puerto Rico. It is marketed as a “carefully crafted product… with the essence of mandarin oranges from Sicily, Valencia oranges from Florida and Dancy tangerines from Brazil, Israel and Florida”.

The bottle has a pleasant design with an orange top and the famous bat label, which represents good fortune. One reviewer was right to note that Bacardi Orange smells like “baby aspirin”. The taste seems to be a bit artificial, although the orange tones complement the rum well.

To be honest with you, it doesn’t taste particularly good when drunk on the rocks, but no-one has it unmixed anyway, as it is meant for cocktails. There are dozens of recipes on specialized websites.                                                                                                                              The simplest one is this: Just mix your Bacardi Orange with Sprite in a rocks glass, and decorate the glass with a slice of orange.

Bacardi is a fun Friday night drink, especially if you have a Latin bar in your city, where you can enjoy it with a party of like-minded individuals. It is associated with hot summer nights, hot girls and hot dances.

Bacardi Limited, one of the world’s best known rum manufacturers, has been around since 1862, surviving natural disasters and revolutions. It has won hundreds of awards.

Bacardi drinks are believed to be made in an environment friendly way. No matter how hard you try, you cannot find more enjoyable orange-flavoured rum for this cost.

To conclude the review, we would rate Bacardi Orange as a great Caribbean cocktail drink that would make you happy, give a try and feel the taste.

Bacardi Orange Rum Price - Cost - Review

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