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Bacardi Rum Price – Cost – Review

Bacardi Rum Price – On February 4, 1862, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso procured the first Bacardi Rum distillery on El Matadero Street, in the town of Santiago de Cuba, for 3.500 pesos. He proceeded to change the formation of rum, forever.Working long hours in a tropical heat environment, Don Facundo learned every step of the development and added new ones of his own. He began with premium sugarcane molasses, diluted with water to form a mash. From surrounding sugar cane fields, he took a strain of yeast that he used to ferment the mash for 30 hours. BACARDI Superior rum sustained to be the standard possessor of Bacardi rums globally, recognized the world over as the original, mixable light-bodied clear premium rum and always ranks among the world’s leading brands.
After much trialing, he started new fermentation cycles using a proprietary yeast strain called “levadura”. This strain of yeast continues to be used to this day.In order to create a lighter product, Don Facundo distilled the spirit numerous times. His solution was revolutionary in the invention of rum: charcoal-mellowing filtration. Using select tropical woods and coconut shells, he shaped charcoal that would filter the distillate drop by drop to remove even the slightest impurity, giving his rums an unparalleled smoothness.Remembering that rums become smoother the longer they stay inside the barrel, Don Facundo became the first rum producer to purposely age his rums in small mature oak casks.He charred the barrels inside to bring a deeper amber color for Carta de Oro (BACARDI Gold), and mellowed them for two years. To produce the lighter color of Carta Blanca (BACARDI Superior), he left them uncharred and smoothen them for a year. BACARDI Superior was then charcoal-filtered again to remove its color, for utmost mixability.

Using different distillates, he then combined his rums into different terminology that we still enjoy today, BACARDI Superior, mellowed one year and BACARDI Gold mellowed up to two years.Seven generations of Don Facundo’s family unit have continued his innovative spirit to make BACARDI, one of the most awarded rums in the world.

Bacardi Rum Price - Cost - Review

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