Bagpiper Whiskey-Available Sizes

Bagpiper Whiskey Available Sizes

The Bagpiper Whiskey Available Sizes are:
Bagpiper goldBagpiper:Owns the heritage of being the first whisky product to sign on Bollywood celebrities as brand ambassadors and for the past 35 years this Bollywood association and larger than life persona that has built the interior identity of the brand. Bagpiper’s appeal cuts across demographics to connect with the mass public.Bagpiper Whiskey-Available SizesIndia is a country full of hope and ambition in the current milieu, and Bagpiper’s endeavour has been to be a part of life’s journey of its consumer as they fight to complete their dreams. Bagpiper plays the role of a motivator by infusing hope and positivity in the quest of their dreams.Bagpiper Gold:Whisky is truly worth its weight in gold. Each drop of this whisky lightens up the mood and you could hear the tuneful music of Bagpiper very clearly on a moonlit night. The whisky is another wonderful example of the passion of our Master Blender to create unique blends. The blend is formed from high quality extra neutral alcohol, which has been carefully distilled through five copper columns to ensure smoothness, and extra-pure demineralised water generated from a battery of cation, anion and mixed-bed columns. Choicest of Scotch and Indian Malts produced at our state-of-the-art distilleries adds to the heady mellow feeling. To ensure steadiness in quality, all the ingredients are subjected to stringent sensory and chemical analysis and the quality specifications laid down after thorough research, are religiously followed. What you get ultimately is the best having the stamp of McDowell quality. Bagpiper Gold is an exquisite grain alcohol blended with premium scotch and fine Indian Malt Whiskies.

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