Becks Beer

Becks Beer

Beck’s Brewery, producer of Becks Beer also recognized as Brauerei Beck & Co., is a German brewery in the northern German city of Bremen and is the world’s top selling German beer and sold in almost 90 countries.It is owned by local families until February 2002, it was after that sold to Interbrew for 1.8 billion euros. The brewery was created under the name Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G. in 1873 by L?der Rutenberg, Heinrich Beck and Thomas May. In 1875, Thomas May left the brewery which next known as Kaiserbrauerei Beck & Co.
Becks Beer
The largest markets for Beck’s outer Germany are the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. Beck’s position fifth amongst Germany’s finest selling breweries.

Beck’s in Bremen is the logistic German Headquarters of InBev. All promoting and logistics for the companies owned by InBev Germany is steered from there for this market.

Since its beginning in 1873 beck’s have been devoted to novelty and sovereign thinking. The first brewer to defend their beer after green glass, the Becks were also the first to export beer from Germany in a steel cask, guaranteeing the beer savored as bright when it inwards as when it left the brewery.

Beck?s have a 25-year history in the UK of supporting autonomous imaginative aptitude. Through the Art Label plan have promoted pioneering art and music, having sponsor artists such as Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons at the start of their careers.

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330ml Rs. 110.00

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