Beer Bottles

Beer Bottles
A beer bottle is a bottle made to contain beer, typically made of glass and come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Dark amber or brown glass significantly reduces UV light from spoiling the beer. Though, lighter colored bottles are frequently used for marketing causes.
If you are a traditional follower you can stick with 12 ounce bottles, or if you are looking for a little more punch, drop your brew into 22 ounce “bomber” bottles. To class things up a bit, try bottling in the good-looking EZ cap swing top bottles. If you are attending an evening meeting, be the life of the party by presenting up with an entire half-gallon growler of your handcrafted libations to gratify the masses.12 oz Beer Bottles – AMBER – Case of 24
The amber glass 12 oz beer bottles are sold 24 to a case. These bottles fit any of the bottle caps, and come in a handy cardboard box entire with dividers case of beer bottles. You will need just over two cases of these bottles for each 5 gallon batch of homebrew.

6 Pack Bottle Carrier
These 6 pack blank bottle carriers make it simple to seem like a big-shot microbrewer. Customize these carriers with your own graphics, and carry your homebrew to the party in style. The six set carrier holds standard 12 ounce bottles

22 oz Beer Bottles – AMBER- Case of 12
Bottling day goes much sooner when you utilize these larger 22-oz. amber beer bottles. Just right for distributing with a friend, presenting as a gift, or taking to a party, these bottles get a standard 26mm cap and fit effortlessly in the door of your fridge. Trouble-free and rapid to cap while you use a bench capper.

Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles, CASE OF 12
Capping your bottles just got easier with 16-oz. Cobalt blue EZ cap beer bottles that use the inventive Grolsch-style swing-caps. Keep the newness in with EZ seals while the blue color keeps out damaging UV rays.

CASE OF 12 – 32 oz. EZ Cap Beer Bottles – AMBER
Bottling all the tasty beer you brew is simple with these 32 oz. EZ Cap amber-colored beer bottles that don?t need a capper. Like the popular Grolsch-style bottles, these bottles use the ease incorporated swing caps to offer a reusable airtight seal. Your craft beer stays fresh and delicious.

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