Benriach Single Malt Whisky price

Benriach Single Malt Whisky Price – Rate – Cost – Review

Would you like to have the great taste of a whisky mixed with fruit and honey? Then go for Benriach Single Malt Whisky. Its heather- scented spicy notes will give you a feeling you’ve never even dreamt of having. Though the bottle appears to be just another kind of liquor, if you once tasted it, you’d be an addict of it, surely. See the number of medals won by Benriach! You’ll never doubt it as a kind of liquor capable of giving a heavenly taste to the consumers.

Where does it come from?  It’s UK, the land mixed with royalty and elegance! The Benriach Distillery is in Scotland where a lot of refined quality liquors are made and distributed throughout the whole world. Its richness enhanced by the fresh malts grown in that royal, paradise-like land will serve you right all the time. It would be your favorite for a lifetime.

Now you may be worrying over the Benriach Single Malt Whisky price. But, nothing to worry. It’s of a low cost. You will pay it fair. Really, when comparing with its great taste, it’s a fair pay. So, don’t waste your time any-more. Benriach is a brand that never lets you down.

What do whisky lovers say in website reviews? Do they rate Benriach high with all the 5 stars? Definitely. Listen to this. ‘Its fruity, spicy notes took me to the heaven.’ So, taste it today and rate it as you feel it. Surely it will be a five star review.

If you prefer Benriach Single Malt in a cocktail, you can add some star fruit juice or passion fruit juice with a lot of shrewd ice to sharpen the taste. You’d be highly elated with this divinely palatable drink. Buy it now itself and add a lot of vigour to your functions and parties.

Benriach Single Malt Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi


Benriach Single Malt Whisky 750ML Rs. 7052.00

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