Best Red Wines

Best Red Wines

Best Red Wines – Red wine?the name is enough to make the nightfall romantic. It is one special drink, which makes you feel better with every sip. Whether it is your honeymoon or a romantic getaway, it would be incomplete without one of the Top 10 red wines, which can make every meal special. A candle light dinner or a romantic night out, red wine creates just the right atmosphere for romance. From French Red Wine to Italian Red Wine, you can only ask for more once the liquid goes down your mouth.Let us have a look at some of the top popular,Best Red Wines which are special in their own ways.
Best Red Wines
Famous Best 10 Red Wines
Merlot: One of the most famous names in types of Red wine, Merlot is special because of the fine red wine that it is. From France, to California, these red wines are made of blackcurrant, oak, spice, vanilla, herbs and cedar. The smooth liquid will flow down your throat to give you a taste of heaven. The bottle of this wine costs around $100 to $400 depending upon the size of the bottle. Some of the famous makers of Merlot are
Chateau Petrus
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild
Chateau Leoville Las Cases
Chateau Latour
Chateau Mouton-Rothschild
Chateau Haut-BrionCabernet Sauvignon: A bit of firm and hard, Cabernet Sauvignon refreshes you like not anything else. The best way to get the taste of it is by rolling it in your mouth for some time and then gulping it down.Pinot Noir: One of the best red wines in the world, Pinot Noir is available at a price range of $30 to $100. The rhythmic aroma and spicy flavor of the wine makes it an unforgettable experience tasting this wine. Made from cherry, raspberry and plum, the smooth taste of this wine will make each occasion special. Some of the famous producers of this red wine are:
Joseph Drouhin
Domaine de la Romanee Conti
Henri Perrot-Minot
Louis JadotBeaujolais: One of the best-flavored red wines in the world, Beaujolais is known for its fruity essence and spicy aroma. Made in France, this form of wine is also made in California. Some of these red wines also have floral fragrance, which makes it an enjoyable understanding for the drinker. Some of the finest creators of Beaujolais wine are:
Louis Jadot of France
Georges DuBoeuf in FranceZinfandel: Rich and red, this beverage is made of blackcurrant, oak, blackberry, herbs and smoke. The more you have love for flavors the better this wine will work out for you. The amazing aroma of the wine will make you crave for more. Some of the best producers of this wine are.
Stacked Stone
Four Vines
Grey Wolf
Nadeau Family

Shiraz or Syrah: Rich fruity flavor and the scrumptious fragrance of the wine will for sure make your taste buds prickle with anticipation. Some of the major producers of this wine are:
Paul Jaboulet
M. Chapoutier

Italian Chianti: Made of Sangiovese grape, this is considered one of the finest red wines. Rich flavor and great aroma is what makes sit so special. Some of the top producers of this wine are:

Barbera: Not only tastes good, but this red wine is also a great ingredient for most types of pastas cooked around the world. This is one of the cheapest wines available at a price of $7 to $15.

Barolo: Made of Nebbiolo grape, this wine is recognized for the earthy flavor. Some of the famous names in Borolo wine are Antonio Gaja, and Produttori del Barbaresco.

Barbaresco: It is also a famous wine made of black grapes and blackberries. Priced at $15 to $100.Select your choice from the wide array of flavors available.
The top 10 red wines can make every instance an unforgettable experience for all. From parties to social dinner, this can for sure spice up your meals.

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