Whiskey for Summer

Best Whiskey for Summer

As the sultry days of summer begin to soften, there is perhaps nothing better than spending a warm summer night sipping whiskey (or a whiskey based cocktail) under the stars. While just about any whiskey will do, here are five favorites for celebrating with Best Whiskey for Summer.
Whiskey for Summer
1.Old Forester
Great bourbon doesn’t have to break the bank and Old Forester is one of the great values in whiskey. Well spiced, with warm oak tones, it will hold up well to being served above ice.2.Jack Daniel’s Black Label
The celebrated Old #7 continues to satisfy. Try a Lynchburg Lemonade for a perfect summer desire quencher or sip it neat. Soft caramel and vanilla notes and the classic Jack Daniel’s licorice undertone make this an American classic.

3. Maker’s 46
Latest to the market, Maker’s 46 is merely a must have for any true bourbon enthusiast. Wonderful cinnamon notes and a bit more aging add a motivating complexity to the already famous Maker’s Mark flavor profile. Perfect for summertime mint juleps or old fashioned.

4. Southern Comfort
While not technically a whiskey these days, in the minds of most customers it remains a standard whiskey liqueur. Southern Comfort is both incredibly flexible in mixed drinks as well as presenting a sweeter and softer flavor outline to those who may not enjoy full flavored whiskies.

5. Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2010
When money doesn’t matter, drink the best. Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2010 is a perfect sipping whiskey on a warm summer night. Toast a promotion, birth or anniversary with this bourbon and you will keep in mind both the occasion and the flavor of this great whiskey years down the road.

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