Black Dog 18 years old Scotch Whisky Price

Black Dog 18 years old Scotch Whisky Price – Cost -Review

Black Dog 18 years old Scotch Whisky is known as Black Dog Reserve Scotch. It is matured for a minimum of 18 years in oak casks. Master blends carefully put mutually a fine blend of Grain Whisky and Aged Malt Whisky to make this one of the best and perfect Scotch. No wonder it gives a fine delight which cannot be rushed!
Black Dog Reserve Scotch has won Gold award at the MUNDUS Vini International Spirit Awards held at Germany in 2011. This is the third Gold award won by the 18 year old Whisky. It really is the world best tastes 18 year old Scotch.International Spirits Award was launched in 2004 and customers are always provided there with expensive orientation support. It gives not just new momentum but also strengthens the position of spirits in the market. On winning the award for Black Dog Reserve Scotch,
Mr. Anant Iyer, Business Head (Luxury Brands), United Spirits Limited, said ?It?s an honor to receive this award from MUNDUS Vini ISW and it means a great deal to us. ISW is a very impressive competition and winning a Gold award from them is a matter of great pride.United Spirits Limited is extremely proud of its luxury label ? Black Dog 18 Year Old, a vintage and smooth luxury scotch which is bottled in India by USL.
This exceptional and exquisite brand promises to be a rare blend for those who have developed a taste for the better things in life. They take pride in knowing the difference between the fine and the penultimate. And, more importantly, take time to savour their choicest indulgences, leisurely.?
Black Dog 18 years old Scotch Whiskey Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Black Dog 18 years old Scotch Whisky 750ML     Rs. 9422.00
Black Dog Aged 21 years old Scotch Whisky 750ML    Rs. 24646.00

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