Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer Price

Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer Price – Cost – Review

Black Eagle beer comes in golden clear liquor with a brief head bottle, it is naturally flavoured with tropical fruits to give the greatest aroma. It tastes sweet and very fruity the type of taste that will linger down your throat for hours after drinking.

This drink is made in France and is rated as one of most liked foreign beers in India, how the drink has been distilled will make you love it all over again. It is triple distilled to give the finest low alcohol drink free of any impurities, the naturally produced drink is then flavoured with a great variety of tropical fruits which gives it the mellow and mushy look.

The Universal distillers in France have in the past been rated as best beers distillers since all their product that have shot to the ceiling, in the market. Where you live, in the neighbourhood and all restaurants you will find this beer. All city restaurants major cafe’s and most big bars sell this liquor.

The price of this liquor is considerably low considering the greatness each 750 ml bottle holds and it costs way low compared to its equal brands. Most reviews on many websites for this liquor are overwhelming, you will probably want to taste it yourself because all tasters cannot fully express the smoothness and fruity aroma and sweetness in the beer.

How this drink makes that you must try this, it is made where other award winning liquors are natured to precision. The low alcohol content(about 7 percent) makes it recommendable for any drinker.

Many cocktails features this liquor in their recipes. It is better sipped in cocktails, direct or in ice cubes, the most renowned and iconic cocktail for this beer is the Michelada. This is a Mexican cocktail though, made by mixing equal amounts of the beer with lime juice, and a hot sauce. It is better served in salt-rimmed glass with ice cubes and remember to cheers!

Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer 330 ml Rs. 35.00
Black Eagle Beer 650ml Rs. 65.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry

Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer CAN(500 ml) Rs. 55.00
Black Eagle Xtra Strong Beer 330 ml Rs. 32.00
Black Eagle Beer 650ml Rs. 58.00

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