Black Magic VSOP Brandy

Black Magic VSOP Brandy

Back Magic VSOP brandy is mixed with Grape extracts; this excellent brandy is just right for the Indian taste and is obtainable in chosen states, Club class. Black magic offers you a great taste of matured grape spirit, which gives you an excellent feeling in the drink. It contains the clean aroma with the honey flavor sweetness hitting your tongue.

Brandies have many health benefits, having a glass of brandy along with dinner keeps you healthier. You can even serve with the cocktails if you don’t like the taste of brandy. The name ’Black magic’ itself states some specialty. The best way to serve Black Magic V.S.O.P is with spicy side foods or any chicken dishes. It will be delicious to have with this combination.

Call up relatives, friends for a party tonight and greet them with the amazing Black Magic V.S.O.P brandy and see the real magic. It would make your dinner night a memorable one with getting you great appreciations from your friends and relatives.  It is good to be served in an appropriate manner so that it might not lose your attention towards enjoying party.

Black Magic V.S.O.P brandy is easy to access, you can get anywhere in the city bar & restaurants, liquor lounges and any other local stores. And one more thing we should know: The cost of the Black Magic V.S.O.P brandy is relatively cheaper and good in taste.

Black Magic VSOP brandy

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

750ml Rs. 198.00
180ml Rs. 54.00

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