Black Pelican Whisky Price

Black Pelican Whisky Price – Cost – Rate – Review

Black Pelican is one of the different kinds of whisky; it is an all time drink. It contains flavour of fruits which gives you a refreshing taste. Hence if you are looking for some fruity drinks, you can go for this whisky and you would like this. Those who doesn’t like the smell of whiskies and have not tried yet, this is one of the best choices that they could enjoy the taste of whisky.

Black Pelican Whisky price, it is comparatively cheaper than any other whiskies. The blended taste of malt gives you warm and relaxed when you have it. You can blindly go ahead and get the taste of this unique Black Pelican whisky. Your purse will not be emptied, for sure! When you search for a fruity flavour whiskey; this will be better for you.

The blended taste of malt gives you warm & relaxed when you have it. This suits best with the splash of some chilled water or with club soda, an even with the ice cubes; it gives a natural flavour of the fruits. Swirl your glass and wait for a while to get the aroma of fruits & then start your sip. You will feel the taste of fresh fruits when it slowly rolls on your throat with the smooth finish of the malt. I guess none of the other drinks would satisfy you so much as the Black Pelican does!

I really loved the taste of this whisky, I recommend this to everyone, and those who want to try whisky, for them this is good one to start. Black Pelican whisky comes from John Distilleries, the perfect destination for relaxation! Then take a start and fly with your wings around the world.

Black Pelican Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Black Pelican Whisky 180ml Rs. 69.00
Black Pelican Whisky 375ml Rs. 142.00
Black Pelican Whisky 750ml Rs. 284.00


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