Black Rum

Black Rum Price – Cost – Review

Black Rum Price – The darkest, richest, grave bodied rums are frequently referred to as Black Rums, offering bold tropical quintessence to libation and recipes. They are popular ingredients used to stabilize the flavors of drinks against gold, white and spiced rums.

Nearly all rum is made from molasses, a thick, dark sweet liquid left over in the process of manufacturing crystallized sugar. The black rums hold greatly of this rich molasses and caramel flavoring and are sometimes colored with burnt caramel to attain consistently dark hues.These are essential to many uses in the baking and candy-making industries, instructing bold sweet spicy flavors to cakes, candies, desserts and sauces. The barrels used to older those are often charred or fired heavily, imparting much of the wood’s strong flavors to the liquid. Black rums are well-liked in British territories such as Bermuda, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and Guyana.

Examples of black rums include Coruba, Gosling’s Black Seal, Maui Dark Rum, Cruzan Black Strap, Myers’s, Skipper Demerara, Woods 100, and Whaler’s Dark.

Black Rum Price - Cost - Review

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