Blue Riband Tango Gin Price – Cost – Review

When you think about a good gin which fits into any time of the day and any kind of mood you portray then think of the Blue Riband tango gin. Oh yes, it’s a gin with an exotic mix of gin and orange flavour which depicts youth, fun, freedom and style.

Produced in India by United Spirits Ltd with over 140 of their liquor brands such as rum, whiskey, vodka, wine, brandy and gin being sold all over the world. The Blue Riband Tango is originally made from grains and blended with ingredients like juniper berries, angelica, caraway and coriander and further infused with orange flavour while following series of filtration processes to achieve its purity and it’s smooth taste.

It starts with a distinctive hint of orange on the nose, a soft and fairly smooth feel in the mouth and a citrus finish with spicy notes. It can be taken neat on ice or you would want to use it as a base for a cocktail you might want to try out. No wonder a lot of people crave for this brand because of the sweetness, youthfulness and excitement contained within and trust me, you need not worry about hangover.

After all said and done, are you still gonna wait before you join in the fun and like I said earlier, the Blue Riband tango is not a respecter of mood, hour, person and gender, it just fits into every moment. Perhaps you want to relax or you just want to have fun while renewing your strength and energy, get to the nearest retail store and help yourself with a bottle and you can get for your friends as well at an affordable rate where you don’t have to go broke after all.

It takes two to tango so they say but with the Blue Riband tango gin, it takes more than two to tango.

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