Bols Brandy

Bols Brandy

Bols Brandy has a gorgeous shiny, golden, brown color owed to the filtration after the distilling method in potstills.It has a characteristic fruity, sweet and wooded flavor as an outcome of using real grapes and the maturation on oak casks. The fruitiness appears from the special feel by addition of natural fruit extracts
Bols Brandy
Bols Brandy is outstanding for neat on ice consumption or among soda or stimulant water, but as well very pleasing in numerous cocktails like the Bols Side Car and the Dutch Touch.

Bols Brandy comprises 42% alcohol by volume. Although stylish as an after dinner drink, it also makes a huge aperitif. Many people in India choose their Brandy with something piquant like a Limca. Bols with tonic water is a great combination too.

You can try 60 ml of Bols with equivalent parts of Tonic water and Ginger ale with lot of ice and a few mint springs. If you are a typical cocktails sucker, try the Sidecars with Bols Brandy. Tremble 45 ml of Bols, 15 ml limejuice and 15 ml sugar syrup on ice and serve up straight up in a Martini glass. It?s Great for a hot afternoon.

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

750ml Rs. 590.00
180ml Rs. 144.00

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