Borbore Chardonnay Wine

Borbore Chardonnay Wine

The past of B?rbore Winery dates since 1936, when Don Jos? B?rbore, an Italian immigrant, began his industrial movement by forming a small vineyard. Borbore Chardonnay Wine is its creation.The place selected was at the bottom of the Pie de Palo mountain range, in the Tulum Valley that is the major wine producing province of San Juan. He soon achieved prestige for the worth of his quality and liquorice wines all through the 20th century.
Borbore Chardonnay Wine
At all times alert of the truth that a superior wine is not proficient without an admirable quality raw material, the grape, Bodegas B?rbore has dedicated itself to the soil of San Juan, where the quality and health of the vineyards is guaranteed.

The great temperature range features of semi desert weathers, jointly with the plentiful sun get wines with an immense attention of flavors and fruity fragrances, and an outstanding configuration of tannins that are distinct to every varietal.


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