Bouvet Ladubay Wine

Bouvet Ladubay Wine

By the gaining of Bouvet Ladubay Wine in July 2006, the UB Group had prepared a tactical entry into the wines group.Bouvet-Ladubay pedestal in Saumur in the Loire Valley region in France has a legacy of more than 160 years.At Bouvet-Ladubay winemaking is a valued creative Endeavour that starts with fervor to create, follows a lyrical rhythm prior to skill, experience and techniques create a masterpiece.
Bouvet Ladubay Wine
From the property to the exquisite wines being poured out as terms of celebration, each step of the way is as significant as the end itself. It all begins at Bouvet’s hundred and twenty special chattels, where each petite berry of grape is cared for like a stunning diamond.

The bottles transformed through the wonder of time, wisdom, finely honed techniques and years of practice glisten as handcrafted masterpieces set to journey across the earth.

BOUVET-LADUBAY has won several International Awards and Recognition for the venerable quality of its fine Sparkling Wines.

At present Bouvet-Ladubay, enjoyed in 35 countries, is in India. together with an exquisite range of still wines, its wine repertoire presents a amazing display of some of the best bubblies – Bouvet Brut, Bouvet Tr?sor Blanc, Bouvet Rubis Demi-Sec and Bouvet Brut Ros?.

Imposing and luxurious, these wines are suitable for the most precious moments. Thus, pour out a goblet of Bouvet-Ladubay and add a glitter to all celebration.

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