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Brewing Beer Price – Cost – Review

Brewing Beer Price – Brewing Beer comprises of 14 steps. They are explained via the proceeding steps.
Step 1: Brewing Water
Beer consists of more than 90% water. Sourced water is treated to brewing quality standards. Preparing water quality is of the highest order in Carlsberg as per the international brewery standards.Step 2:Malt
The colour and flavour of beer begins with malt. Cereals – typically barley or wheat – are malted at the malting house. During malting, the cell walls in the grain are broken down, freeing starch. Hot air drying is the final process that gives the malt its colour and aroma.Step 3: Milling
Milling the malt is the first step to making beer. Malt arrives in sacks or delivered to grain storage. The malt is milled (crushed) and sent to the mashing vessel.Step 4:Mashing
Mash is minced malt mixed with water. During mashing, the mash is kept at different temperatures for the activation of the malt enzyme. Natural enzymes in the malt change the starch to smaller sugar units. The process stops at 78?C.Step 5:Lautertun
In the Lautertun, the mash is separated, leaving the spent grain behind (mostly pieces of husk, endosperm and undissolved starch). The sugar solution, known as wort is then pumped to the wort kettle.Step 6:Spent Grain
Spent grain is a brewery product and rich source of residual sugars, proteins and fibre value.Step 7:Work Kettle
In the wort kettle, the wort is boiled and the hops are added. The hops are added at different moments dependent on the preferred aroma and bitterness in the final beer.Step 8:Whirlpool
Protein and bitter components are precipitated during boiling. This solid substance called tub is removed during the whirlpool process.Step 9: Wort Cooler
The wort cooler cools the wort from 100?C to between 7?C and 15?C, according to the beer type, earlier than yeast is added.

Step 10:Fermenter
In the fermenter, the yeast converts the malt-sugar to alcohol, aroma and carbon dioxide. After fermentation, the yeast is separated and the beer is set for maturation. The fermentation usually takes between 5-10 days, depending on the beer type and temperatures used.Yeast is the soul of beer. Brewers use top-fermenting or bottom-fermenting yeast. Top-fermenting yeast rises while bottom-fermenting yeast falls to the bottom. Top-fermenting yeast adds the most to the aroma in beer.
Maturing the beer presents the final flavour characteristics.

Step 11:Beer Filter
During the process of filteration, the beer gets clarified and becomes bright beer. Filtering also removes yeast cells and proteins from the beer.

Step 12: Bright Beer Tank
Once the beer is filtered, it is stored in a bright beer tank and ready for packaging.

Step 13: Packaging
The beer is bottled or canned, post which it is ready to be distributed. Carlsberg India uses original bottles for each brand.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance is the backbone of the entire process and regular quality checks are carried out at different stages of the brewing and packaging process to make certain the beer is of world class quality.

Step 14: Finished Beer Warehouse
Finished beer is placed in cartons and kept in wooden pallets in the excise bonded warehouse till the beer is distributed to its various destinations as per the requirement.

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Brewing Beer Price - Cost - Review

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