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Campari Spirit Price – Cost – Review

Campari Spirit Price – Campari Spirit is a modern classic.The recipe, which has remained unchanged, originated in Novara in 1860 and is the foundation for some of the most famous cocktails around the world. Campari is an alcoholic spirit obtained from the blend of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. With its discrete colour, aroma and flavour, Campari has always been a symbol of passion -passion that conveys itself in terms of seduction, sensuality and transgression. These are the values that have made the Campari brand well-known throughout the world as an icon of Italian style and excellence.

The history of Campari began in Novara in 1860, with the innovation of the original recipe that is still in use today.In 1904 Campari’s first production plant was untied in Sesto San Giovanni and the company began to export the brand overseas.It was the beginning of a success story that today still has no sign of stopping.Today the Campari brand is spread in over 190 countries and is one of the most famous brands in the world. Campari is distributed internationally, its main markets are:Italy,Brazil,Germany and France.

Campari Spirit Price - Cost - Review

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