Castle Club Whisky Price

Castle Club Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Castle Club has a prestigious sound to the name. Who does not love castles? Who does not love the regality of all that the word castle identifies? A club within a castle would be hard to obtain and a fantasy for all whisky drinkers. It would not only be prestigious, but selective to members. Drinking at a club in a castle?! That would be the epitome of a great time.

Castle Club whisky is all these things. Where do you find it? How is it made? From the city of Maharashtra, India, (the third largest state in India), this whisky delivers everything the name suggests. While traditional Indian Whisky is made from a blend of neutral spirits that are distilled from fermented molasses, Castle Club Whisky is a blend of Indian Malts and select scotch whisky. With a 42.8% alcohol content, Tilaknagar Industries Limited has delivered a whisky that will make your dreams come true; just like a club in a castle!

Castle Club is difficult to find in many areas of the world, making it a coveted product. There is only a 11% distribution rate in North America and South America. The largest distribution is in the whisky’s home country, India. The beautiful amber bottle is tall and sleek and promises the taste to be amazing; whether you drink it straight or in a cocktail. Create your own recipe to discover even more about this gorgeous liquor, and make sure you share with other Castle Club fanatics. Castle Club Whisky Price is not that higher.  No matter the cost, Castle Club will deliver a hit to your senses. Please, check out the website to learn more about pricing, location, and distribution. It is an exciting time to be a liquor lover.

Castle Club Whisky Price – Cost – Review


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