Ceretto Zonchera Barolo Wine

Ceretto Zonchera Barolo Wine

Regarding the Brand Ceretto Zonchera Barolo Wine
All began 80 years back when Riccardo Ceretto determined to change the force of the unique land and soil of the Piemontese region as a place to grow the primary vineyards.The similar energy and legacy was sustained by his sons Bruno and Marcello, their imagination and foresight led to the family name being one the mainly recognized in the world of wine.
Ceretto Zonchera Barolo Wine
In below 30 years they shaped a little group of self-governing wineries on the Langhe and Roero hills, which jointly create what now constructs up the total Ceretto wine portfolio.

They brought and chosen more than 120 hectares of the best located land in the province to create wines that have been given endorsement by the world?s most knowledgeable appetite.

The Barolo brothers since 1960’s have not at all lost their idea to generate elevated quality Piemontese wines even as for all time respecting custom.

A never finale challenge which has been inherited with great eagerness by subsequent generation of the Ceretto family, Alessandro, Federico, Lisa and Roberta.

Regarding the product
Grape variety:100% Nebbiolo.
Province: Barolo, Italy.
Aging:32 months in oak barrels.
Aromas: Especially fruity, smooth, soft, round Barolo.
Taste:By its moderate tannins, its alcohol and sourness are normally proportionate.

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