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Class Vodka Price – Cost – Review

The Class vodka was launched as the India’s first grain vodka in the regular segment. Apart from the finest grain spirit; the charcoal filtration method used, makes the merge, smooth and pure. Class Grain vodka was graded no. 1 in Smoothness in sightless tests conducted all along with other quality vodka combinations. Now, Class 21, the new name and uniqueness represents and connects with the spirit of today’s youth. By a unique, progressive bottle to detain the thoughts of modish and trendy consumers, Class 21 stands a class separately from other spirit brands in the group.The name was stimulated by the magical and desirable age of 21. Those below 21, wish to be 21 so they can conquer the freedom. Those above 21, wish they were 21 yet again. And those who are 21 wish it might last evermore. Class 21 aims to capture the eye of the consumers with its concentration- grasping appears and feels. Motivated by the thought of a well cut and well fixed suit, the container of Class 21 looks chic, trendy and mannish.The logo uses the A in Class, to make a active splash, that in turn creates aspects which give the constitution a unique measurement. Bold and incredibly high on impact, the structure brag clean lines and outline, while the label augment the beauty in the shape.In the year 2011-12, Class 21 Vodka sales crossed 2 lakhs cases. This year Class Vodka is balanced to cross the 4 lakhs cases blot. This year the brand shall existing in 3 thrilling flavours- Orange, Green Apple and Fusion, a combination of apple and orange. “The blend is prepared from the twice distilled Indian Grain Neutral Spirit and filtered with latest Carbon filtration technology making it soft and pure.It comprises 42.8% of alcohol strength.Class Vodka Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Class Vodka 750ml Rs. 347.00
Class Vodka 375ml Rs. 174.00
Class Vodka 180ml Rs. 84.00

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Delhi

CLASS 21 GRAIN VODKA 180ml Rs. 75.00
CLASS 21 GRAIN VODKA 375ml Rs. 145.00
CLASS 21 GRAIN VODKA 750ml Rs. 290.00

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