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Constantino Brandy originates from Portugal, one of the class brandy made up with which is completed from high-class brandies from a variety of origins. Constantino brandy is chosen for their smoothness and Vinci characteristics, as well as for their outstanding tasting limpidity.

Constantino Brandy Constantino has a murky yellow colour with greenish clues. It contains about 36% of alcohol. Its bouquet is powerful, with deep wood of immense quality with the classic notes of the noblest brandies, such as spices, are also fit in confirmation. In the mouth it is very soft, of an almost velvety constancy, and has an extremely stylish finish.

Constantino brandy can be served straight or even with coke and other soft drinks with ice cubes, it is perfect drink for after dinner. Its characteristic smoothness feature gives you amazing feel in your every sip.  Constantino has good demand over the worldwide for its extremis-tic taste of the drink.

Brandy has got many health benefits like it reduces cholesterol in heart, avoids the potentially disastrous effects of heart attacks and stroke, helps in preventing the cellular death of cells of skin, hair, brain and other internal organs. It also helps in preventing cancer also; it will be good when taken in moderate level, never lead it go to access.

Constantino Brandy price is fair and reasonable which does not empty your wallet. So check out the bottle in your nearest liquor store and take it home today itself, make your dinner special along with Constantino Brandy.

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750ml Rs. 774.00

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