Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Price

Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Price – Cost – Review

A drop from the Scottish’s Highlands, this whiskey embodies that long pedigree of premium single malt whiskies. This whisky has the kind of history that people write books about. In 1839 the distillery was founded by Alexander Matheson. Alexander never worked in the distillery. He made his fortune in the Chinese opium trade, and he just cashed the checks, after retiring to Scotland at the ripe age of 34. There is a cost associated with a whisky that comes from such a prestige lineage. This is a review of Dalmore 12 year old whisky, the cost, alcohol content, and consumer value. The Price of Dalmore 12 Year old Whisky is in the Taste Dalmore is a dark, rich brown, like a mahogany, and it really does look the part in its tasteful bottle. When the lid comes off you will first smell notes of dried fruits and something sweeter like mincemeat. It is a nice smelling drink for the price, and you can already justify the cost with the sweat smelling liquid alone. When you sip it you will notice it tastes a bit drier that you would have thought given the smell. There is a bit of a nip to the alcohol and the after taste hangs around for quite a while. This is not a drink for everyone for these reasons, but you should wear the cost if you like a full bodied drink with vanilla and wood spiced notes. If a drink is aged for twelve years you will pay a higher rate for it, and the cost of Dalmore 12 year old whisky reflects that. The Alcohol Content of Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Dalmore 12 year old whisky has an alcohol content of approximately 40%. This is not that high an alcohol content and if you were to sip it, you would think that the alcohol content is much higher, because this drink has a bit of bite. This is not really a whisky for a binge. It is meant to be appreciated and savoured, and that is what you pay for. Summary of Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Not a bad drink for the cost. It has a bit of a bite to it, and you have to like whisky to enjoy that. There is a lot of body to the taste, and this drink is something of a classic, from a region known for phenomenal whisky. We think Dalmore 12 year old whisky price is worth and you can’t go wrong with Dalmore 12 year old whisky. Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky 700ml Rs. 10049.00


 Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry

Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky 700ml Rs. 3300.00

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