Dalmore Reserva Whisky Price

Dalmore Reserva Whisky Price – Cost – Review

A classic drop from Dalmore in the Scottish Highlands. This Whisky has a long history. In 1839 the distillery was founded by Alexander Matheson, with the fortune he made in the Chinese opium trade. Since then ownership has changed hand, but the mahogany liquid that bore the Dalmore label has always been a cut above the rest. This is a review of Dalmore Reserva, cost, price, alcohol content and consumer value.

Dalmore Reserva Whisky Price  is really worth of buying.

This is an entry level single malt whisky from the Scottish Highlands, there is a price associate with a drink that can make that claim. You are paying for the brand and there is a cost attracted to any whisky the comes from that region. It is also a quality drink.

On the nose it has what we like to call a dirty breakfast. There are notes of malty toast, filter coffee and tobacco. The whisky is a replacement for a Dalmore Cigar Malt, which as you probably guessed is a whisky blended to compliment a nice evening cigar. This becomes obvious when you crack the lid and take a swig, or pour it into a glass and drink it like a gentleman. Dalmore Reserve is quite fruity with note of orange and zest. The vatting is married in ex-sherry for 6 months, so there is a lot of sweetness in the taste, and this whisky is aged for just over a decade in first-fill American oak ex-bourbon casks, and first-fill oloroso sherry butts.

It is not that full bodied a whisky, and is quite understated compared to other whiskies in the Dalmore line up, but depending on your tastes this could just as easily be considered easy drinking. This is a nice whisky for the price, and we recommend you wear the price for a nice cigar companion.

Alcohol Content of Dalmore Reserve

Dalmore Reserva has a modest alcohol content of 40%. It might not be the strongest whisky in the cabinet, but this is a beverage blended to be savoured and enjoyed over time. 40% is a fairly standard alcohol content, and it will not over power the flavours.

Final thoughts on the cost of Dalmore Reserva Whisky

Dalmore Reserva is a well-priced entry level single malt scotch whisky. You pay a slightly higher rate for this than for other comparable drinks, but what you are paying for is the band, and the established pedigree of Dalmore.

Dalmore Reserva Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Dalmore Reserva Whisky 700ml   Rs. 9675.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry

Dalmore Reserva Whisky 700ml   Rs. 3600.00

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