Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka price

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka is an innovative and easy to use analcoholic blend, Desmondi Agave spirit is combined with Desmondji Blue Curacao to make outstanding Blue Margarita Cocktails. It is Indian based Vodka and India is rapidly growing liqueur economy in both terms production and consumption. A significantquantity of alcohol is imported to India to meet consumption and demand.

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka is a smooth blend of triple distilled Indian grain spirits, Indian lush green sugarcanes provide pure crystallized sugar and it is flavored with natural essential oils from sun-kissed oranges. These oranges are brought from Indian’s Nagpur region having abitter sweet taste. It can be added to another cocktail or pastries, fruity drinks, wine infused cakes. Sweets, chocolates and ice creams.

It is very easy to make Blue Margarita cocktails in glass or in larger quantities. Fresh lime juice is added to make better taste or any type of fruit juice can be added to make that particular flavored drink or cocktail and termed as fruity Desmondji cocktail. It is served with ice to chill it and dilute it. It is added to salt nimmed glass for presentation.

It is blue colored Margarita Vodka produced by Indian Company Agave Industries. Desmondji Margarita’s common cocktails are classic Margarita cocktail, fruity Margarita cocktail, watermelon Margarita cocktail, pineapple Margarita cocktail, mango Margarita cocktail, Arriba Margarita cocktail and kamikaze Margarita cocktail.

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka price you can check it out, it differs from the distillers. It has alcohol content range from 37 % to 40%, neat drink flavored with lime and salt. Desmondji is the pure blend of spirits and liquids by Agave India in accordance with ideals of the manufacturer. Desmondji label used two types of Agave spirits, 100%, and 51%. It is also available as 51 % Agave Gold spirit that is prepared by utilizing oak in it.

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka Price - Cost - Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Desmondji Blue Margarita Vodka 750ml Rs. 1200.00


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