Dry Red Wine

Dry Red Wine

If you are new to the world of red wines, you may have heard a lot of terms used to depict many wines that look alike. For example, in red wines, there are dry red wines, and sweet wines, and it seems a number of wines in between.

Dry wines are wines that have no sugar residue. The fermentation process that generates wine is a method where the sugar in the grapes is broken down, and fermented, to create the wine. Sometimes there are residual sugars in the wine, once the fermentation process is complete. Other times sugars are added. The more of these sugars there are, they sweeter the wine. But in order to become a dry wine, those remaining sugars have to be gone.
Dry Red WineDry wines are considered more complex and refined. The joy of drinking a dry wine is that you can experience the amazing nuances of flavors that are melded together. You can have tobacco, earth, chocolate, berry and other flavors that are pure in the wine. It also is meant to meld with the meal being consumed to form new flavors as the residual food flavoring and wine are combined between bites.

When choosing a dry red wine, here are some tips:
Merlot- This is the baby of the dry red wine family. It’s considered the preliminary red wine that has a softer taste than many others, but can be pared well with meats and fish.
Pinot Noir-A medium dry red wine that well pairs with creamy sauces, spicy foods, and most meats.
Red Zinfandel – Considered a pasta wine, as it pairs well with any tomato based foods or sauces. This is a heavy wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon- Meant to be paired with red meat this is a very hearty wine that frequently has an oaky or spicy flavor.

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