Erdinger Dunkel Beer price

Erdinger Dunkel Beer Price – Cost – Review

Erdinger Dunkel Beer is made by the world’s biggest wheat brewer, Erdinger. A well renowned brewery a heritage to so many. Naturally prepared with wheat, roasted malt, intensely flavoured and have significantly low alcohol levels of about 5.3 per cent.

This beer is made according to old European traditions since 1886 and is made till to date with the old dates recipe, the resultant liquor out of the supper distillation is a dark, smooth and refreshing liquor. This is how the liquor is made, makes the main difference and gives the explanation why it is so amazing. It is flavoured specifically with shorts of coffee berries, some bananas and other spices which gives it a sharp aroma.

This is a highly rated drink, most of the reviewers are overwhelmed by the flavour and long life bottle maturation periods that makes it more smooth and refreshing. Erdinger Dunkel Beer price is incredibly low, a bottle of 500ml cost considerably low compared to many other superbly matured beers from Germany.

This amazing beer is available in any major city in India. Any city bar, all fully equipped restaurants and some select cafés have Erdinger Dunkel. The low alcohol content makes it suitable for consumption by all drinkers, its aroma makes it the choice of so many.

This drink is well buffered with the flavours and would therefore be easy to sip it direct or under a few ice cubes. Never the less, it can be sipped under a variety of cocktails. This drink has also been identified as a crucial item in many beer cocktails recipes. One of the most used cocktails is the Bavarian Mojito, this is an easy few step to make an amazing whilst. Pour enough lime, 2 spoons sugar and 8 leaves mint in a tall glass, add 1oz rum and ice cubes. Stir adding Erdinger Dunkel and cheers!!

Erdinger Dunkel Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Erdinger Dunkel Beer 330 ml Rs. 287.00
Erdinger Dunkel Beer 650ml Rs. 189.00

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