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Eristoff Green Vodka Price – Cost – Review

The glossy greenness of the cat’s eyes would take you there to crave the majestic looking glass bottle of Eristoff green vodka. Are you not familiar with the brand? Your mind seem to be wondering in search of its roots. Mine when straight away to Georgia where Eristoff Green Vodka took its origin. Here comes the prince Eristoff with all his majesty to have a drink with us!!! Let’s have a drink for his health. You must trust this brand, Eristoff Green Vodka, because it’s freshly processed from the distilleries of Georgia, the land of the howling gray wolf. Now it’s made in India too. Well Eristoff green vodka comes in six great flavours; red sloe berry, wild berry, lime caramel, green apple and orange. All are exquisitely made for you to drink and dine with. These flavours would bring you a long lasting experience. What about Eristoff Green vodka price? Do you think it’s expensive? No it’s not so costly. You can definitely buy it. It’s really worth buying this excellent liquor brand because of its wide range of flavours and the magical feeling that would be given to you. Unlike in most other kinds of liquors the Eristoff Green Vodka is made of a grain extract. The exquisiteness of this production increases its quality and uniqueness. Why don’t you think of enjoying this drink in a chilly evening accompanied by a whole circle of smiling faces? Of course, it adds a lot of vigour to your cocktail parties, functions and all kinds of ceremonies. Why do you think it’s so good for you? It’s percentage of alcohol being as low as 37.5%, you will not be overdone. So, the great feeling you get from this excellent brand will remain warm and dear memories in your heart. Eristoff Green Vodka Price - Cost - Review   Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Eristoff Green Vodka 750ml Rs. 977.00
Eristoff Green Vodka 375ml Rs. 488.00
Eristoff Green Vodka 180ml Rs. 236.00

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