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Evening Special Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Evening Special Whisky: A blend of modernity and tradition

If you’ve been wondering about the Evening Special Whisky Price, one thing you should know is that, given this drink’s rich taste and aroma, it won’t cost you much at all. As it’s becoming a very popular city drink, it deserves a special review.

Think of the end of a really productive day or a week even, when you feel tired but satisfied and can treat yourself to something pleasant. This is where this drink comes to recover your happiness and stress free life. It washes the past week away, clearing room in your head for the next week.

But, this is also a party drink, a trademark of people who don’t need many words to understand each other. This particular brand of whisky is associated with modern-minded people who make the best of life, the type that can be met at trendy bars and social events.

Production of this beverage is actually more like an art than like a mechanical process, as every stage adds something unique to its character. Production technology combines time-honoured traditions and the latest standards.

This beverage is made of top-quality responsibly grown ingredients and boasts a unique recipe. It is good to have the Evening Special Whisky with fruit or cheese, but it is particularly good for classic cocktails. So how about inviting your friends and throwing a party?

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the room, mixing it with the right amounts of sugar and lemon. Your movements are confident, and your smile is shining. At this rate, you will become the star of the evening.

There is no doubt that the Evening Special Whisky is facing a bright future both domestically and outside of India, and it is not long until you see this beverage advertised on every other specialized website in the world. It is really a special whisky.


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow – Kanpur – Ghaziabad

Evening Special Whisky 180ml  Rs. 100.00
Evening Special Whisky 375ml  Rs. 205.00
Evening Special Whisky 750ml  Rs. 410.00

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