Finlandia Cranberry Vodka price

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka is cranberry flavoured barley vodka introduced in the country Finland in 1994. It is the perfect addition of a new twist in the vodka based cocktails. Its delightful incense and aroma give a feeling of an extra pep in a sea cool breeze. Finlandia Vodka was the first vodka imported by the United States to sell in the country.

It is prepared from pure generations old frosty springs and finest barley (six-row Barley) grown under the lengthy days and moony nights of summer’s end. It can be drunk as such and can also be prepared in different cocktails e.g French Martini Finlandia Cranberry Vodka, Finlandia Vodka Helsinki Mule, Midnight Sun Martini Finlandia Vodka and Wild Berritini Finlandia Vodka. There are different types of Finlandia Vodkas which include Finlandia classic vodka, Finlandia cranberry fusion, Finlandia mango fusion, Finlandia Raspberry, Finlandia grapefruit fusion, Finlandia lime fusion, Finlandia red-berry fusion, Finlandia wild berries fusion and Finlandia tangerine fusion.

Finlandia cranberry vodka is the most popular grain vodka among drinkers. It is smooth and fruit based vodka and it does not require extensive distillation for purification. Because vegetable based vodkas such as grain does not contain too many impurities to be distilled. It is readily available everywhere and it is cheap so easy to purchase because of less price.

Finlandia cranberry vodka has the natural taste of cranberries, a real crisp, and finest drink let you go where nothing stands between you and your bottle of Finlandia cranberry. The audacious notes of cranberry create an aroma as natural and pure as Finland is. When you are drinking Finlandia cranberry vodka, you are in real whooping the natural purity of Finland.

Finlandia is all natural cranberry flavoured vodka that has 37.5 % alcohol by volume. Finlandia Cranberry Vodka price is very customer effective.

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka Price – Cost – Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Finlandia Cranberry Vodka750ml Rs. 2936.00


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