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Geist Beer Price – Cost – Review

Thinking about this drink will take you all the way to tale of a tasty beer made with great aroma in a combination of crazy flavours. The drink is superbly made using all natural ingredients that are super distilled mixed in accurate amount to ensure an overwhelming flavour and taste.

These are the results of keen and unmatchable passion and perfection in distillation, the Geist brewers employs in making this impressive liquor. This drink is purely hand-crafted distilled repeatedly until the finest results are attained. This drink leaves most of the taster’s mouth open, no enough words to describe its greatness.

This beer is thick, smooth and deeply flavoured. First is an overpowering malt taste that hit you taste bugs. But within the malt sweetness is the sharp lingering spicy and somewhat bitter taste of hops. The balancing of all this flavours makes the beer the most chemically engineered drink.

With this unthinkable balance of a variety of flavours in sweet malt, the liquor is a heritage for many Indian. With the drink made locally in India it is a very available, all cities and major town bars and cafés have Geist beer. All restaurants in India will at least sell this greatly crafted liquor.

This drink on top of the great natural ingredients and hand-crafting is packed in very fascinating bottle. The drink is rated as a heritage of the country, and with its low price the drink is among the most craved on liquor in the country.

A bottle of Geist beer price stands third the price of other well flavoured international brands. With the great taste and refreshment, the drink is more appealing when sipped direct or on ice cubes. Never the less a few cocktail recipes features the drink. Next time you have a party think of a drink superbly matured and perfectly flavoured by Indian best beer craftsmen.

Geist Beer Price - Cost - Review

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