German Beer Festival

The largest beer festival in the world is Oktoberfest in Germany. Numerous other smaller beer festivals are held all over Germany all through the year. The 2nd largest beer festival in Germany and most likely in Europe, is the Cannstatter Volksfest, hosted on the Cannstatter Wasen in the Bad Canstatt region of Stuttgart. It begins one week later and is very similar in nature to Oktoberfest. Its fame increases and more and more people come from around the globe to visit the festival each year.
Many places have beer festivals styled as “Oktoberfests”, but taken on its own the name is usually taken to denote for the Munich event. Smaller beer festivals are like the Oktoberfest are common in Germany and take place throughout the year in larger German cities. Some of them go on later into the night than the Oktoberfest.When people think of beer festivals and Germany, their minds normally go directly to Oktoberfest, the biggest beer fest in the world. But in a country where beer is king – about 5 billion litres of the stuff is formed yearly – it’s not astonishing that hundreds of festivals dedicated to beer exist.Stuttgart Cannstatter Volksfest
This huge festival, colloquially recognized as ‘Wasan’ to the locals, is Oktoberfest’s largest beer challenger. Tracing its origins back to 1818, this festival is a most important draw with four million beer enthusiasts visiting every year. Less touristy than Oktoberfest, but with much of the similar attraction. Wasan arguably offers a more genuine experience and one in which Germans are not in truth the minority.

International Berlin Beer Festival
For a city globally known as being hip, electic, and global, it’s not a shocker that its annual beer fest follows suit. While more traditional German festivals showcase their own local brews, the Berliner Bierfest, in only its 16th year, is substantially more varied, contributing 2,000 different beers from all over the world – from the mainstream to microbrews and craft beers. Relating to other German beer festivals, the Biermiele is short but sweet including just three days over the first weekend in August.

Erlangen Bergkirchwein
Like Oktoberfest, the Erlangen Bergkirchwein, or ‘Berg’ to locals, is a traditional Bavarian beer festival but on a considerably smaller and more genuine scale. For two weeks in May, about one million people , come down on the festival and its ‘kellers’ which are essentially beer gardens along a hill, extending from street level to above the treeline –The Berg has a huge history as it was recognized in 1755, around the time when the brewers used to store their beer in cellers below the hill. Expect to find many similarities to Oktoberfest including locals clad in dirndls and lederhosen, lebkuchenherz and brezel. While Erlangen is a less significant town, it is very well situated given its close nearness to Nuremburg and simple access to Frankfurt and Munich.

Bremen Freimarkt
By moving about 600km north to Bremen, or about an hour south west from Hamburg, is the oldest fair in Germany: the Bremen Freimarkt. Given its close nearness to the North Sea, fish is the main cookery offering with such delicacies as matje herring and smoked eel. Whereas not strictly a beer festival, there is sufficient of an importance on German beer to be incorporated here. Now all that’s left is to jump on the 150 ft ferris wheel, eat some smoked fish, grasp a half litre of Becks.

Kulmbach Bierwoche
In northern Bavaria, deep in the Bamburg area – a region with the highest concentration of beer manufacturers in the world – something is brewing. As this “beer week” is certainly on a lesser scale than the others stated, it is the merely one that is completely beer focused. While the others have side attractions like rides, parades, and the infrequent shooting competition, this one is strictly all beer. What a glorious week. Located in the Thuringian Forest in the Franconian region, Kulmbach is located in the northern area of Bavaria and is preferably suited for more travel around Germany.

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