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Golconda Brandy Price – Cost – Review

Golconda brandy is made by special Indian technology that cannot be found in any other country. Manufacturers of Golconda Brandy keep traditions of making this drink in a secret, which gives us the opportunity to appreciate the authenticity and originality of this brandy’s taste. The rate of Golconda Brandy could be higher, but the manufacturer cares not only about quality, but also about the wallets of their customers in order not to spend an unreasonable price.

This brandy is one of the market leaders for various reasons. It has not only a pleasant aroma and taste, but it is also one of the most popular drinks in India.

Golconda Brandy is created by winemaker masters by distilling grape wine. Then the drink is aged in oak barrels for at least two years. There is a certain secret side of technology that masters prefer not to disclose. Golconda Brandy – is as magnificent as the Indian fortress.

Besides, this brandy is bottled in three different volumes: Golconda Brandy-Big Bottle (750ml – 12 x 750ML), Golconda Brandy – Medium Bottle (375ml – 24 x 375ML) and Golconda Brandy – Small Bottle (180ml – 48 x 180ML).

The alcohol content is 42.8 percent, which proves that this brandy will not intoxicate you to unconsciousness; it would rather help you to relax after a hard day in modern urban jungles, or support your good mood during a party or any other occasion. The main feature of Golconda Brandy is that it is very easy to drink and it has a pleasant aftertaste.

This drink is preferred to serve neat without snacks, in order to enjoy its taste. But still, if you need a snack, you should combine Golconda Brandy with chocolate or lemon wedges. You can drink Golconda brandy not only pure but also in various cocktail recipes. Also it is well to be mixed with coffee, liqueurs, syrups, milk, ice cream, cream, lemon and orange juice.

Golconda Brandy Price - Cost - Review


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